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t_r_y_c_r_a_z_y's Journal

the brightest shadow

22 December
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i am trying to find me actually.
i forgive,
i love,
i dream.
i'm a little girl,
in a fucked up world.
the highs make me fly,
but the lows make me die.
i was blessed with a different kind of inner view
- it's so magnified.

i have been diagnosed with
General Anxiety Disorder,
Obsessive compulsive Disorder,
Bipolar Disored,
and i have an eating disorder.

all my disorders are so real and encompassing its tangible.

i dont choose my obsessions and compulsions,
they choose me.

my ed is my way of control,
the one thing i am capable of controlling.

other than that i am a complete contradiction!

i'm pretty much just looking for a place to share my thoughts and experiences with others,
others who understand,
who have been,
or who are where i am.